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Tyreek Hill 40 -Yard Dash Speed Among Best Ever – but There’s a Catch

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Tyreek Hill 40-Yard Dash Speed Among Best Ever – but There’s a Catch

The Kansas City Chiefs knew they were selecting a player with blazing speed when they took Tyreek Hill in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He flashed glimpses of it throughout his collegiate career and over his first three NFL seasons, has showcased that speed often with big-time plays.But as fast as Hill is, his 40-yard dash time isn’t even factored in when putting it up against the fastest players who have entered the draft. The reason for that stems from the current Chiefs receiver not being invited to the NFL Scouting Combine.Following a college career which drew a lot of negative attention after Hill was arrested for domestic violence and kicked off the Oklahoma State football team. The receiver then proceeded to move on to the third and final school. He finished his time in college at the University of West Alabama and since he was not clocked at the combine, his time isn’t counted on most lists of fastest NFL players.

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Although Hill wasn’t clocked at the NFL Scouting Combine, he did take part in West Alabama’s Pro Day where his 40-yard dash time grabbed plenty of attention. As DraftScout.com revealed, Hill’s official Pro Day times were 4.28 to 4.29 seconds, and he’s posted a low time of 4.25 seconds in his career.

In the 2018 NFL season alone, Hill has tallied touchdown receptions of 73, 67, 67, and 58 yards, among multiple other long catches. He also had a 91-yard punt return touchdown against the Los Angeles Chargers early in the first quarter (above) which grabbed the attention of the entire NFL.

How Tyreek Hill’s Speed Ranks vs. NFL

Even in a rundown of the fastest 40-yard dash times by NFL.com, Hill’s time is not included since it factors in just data from the combine. The site laid out the 11 fastest players ahead of the 2018 NFL season, and the Chiefs receiver would have cracked the list (which goes back to 2013).
Whether you credit him with a 4.28 or 4.29 second time has an impact on where Hill would land on the list. Fabian Washington came at 4.29 seconds, good for the No. 11 spot while there was a three-way tie for the next-fastest time. This group included Jacoby Ford, J.J. Nelson and Jalen Myrick, who all clocked in at 4.28 seconds.
That list features the only 11 players to run a sub-4.3 second 40-yard dash since 2013. The two players at the top of the list are Chris Johnson and John Ross, and I can safely say that NFL fans would love to see those two, along with Hill go toe-to-toe in a race.

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